Discover: The Principles of Operational Excellence

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The Principles of Operational Excellence


A 2-day hands-on workshop!


Monday & Tuesday, August 19-20, 2013


Karl Storz Endovision, Charlton MA

The Shingo Prize recognizes that true lean transformation requires significant education and training. However, it is vital for organizations to become self sustaining not only in the tools and systems of lean but also in the development of their own people. For this purpose, The Shingo Prize offers face-to-face training workshops intended to provide organizational leaders with the necessary understanding of the Shingo model and its principles, systems, and tools. GBMP, as educational partner of The Shingo Prize in the Northeast United States, is pleased to offer this valuable training here in the region.

Workshop participants will gain an understanding of the Shingo model and the underlying principles behind The Shingo Prize philosophy and approach. Participants will learn and gain experience in aligning your organizational principles and core values with your systems. There will be group activities that help develop skills in assessing alignment and also how to address misalignments by embedding your principles into your work and management systems.

In addition, participants will develop a comprehensive working knowledge of The Shingo Prize application guidelines, which includes the criteria and methods for assessment of the progress an organization has made in its lean transformation. By completing this training, participants will learn how to use the Shingo model and guidelines to complete internal self-assessment that will clearly identify areas for focus and improvement in the entire organization.

This two-day workshop begins with a comprehensive overview of the Shingo model and its key elements, enabling all participants to reach a common level of understanding. The workshop combines several learning modules with hands-on activities that enhance learning. Participants will be grouped into assessment teams and visit a host facility where you will work through each step of the assessment process: preparation through initial desk assessment, visiting the workplace to observe and interview, team discussion and assessment, and finally creating a feedback report.

Participants will be able to:

• Describe the benefits of focusing on principlesedpartner_horiz_rgb_large 2
• Articulate principle-driven behavior
• Identify how tools link to systems
• See and assess behavior to provide constructive-feedback
• Explore what adjustments could be made to improve systems in driving ideal behavior


This is a GBMP Partner event; please register on our partner's website here.