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Lean Thinking in Healthcare

The CI philosophies and best practices taught by GBMP to eliminate waste in manufacturing and office settings have been put to the test in healthcare environments around the world with much success. The healthcare industry is a perfect setting to reap the benefits of Lean, especially when you need a competitive edge. Implementing Lean in your hospital or clinic will lead to fewer accidents and mistakes, improved employee morale, increased throughput, reduced costs and higher profits. GBMP is proud of its track record bringing lean to the healthcare sector. Call us to schedule your complementary* Operational Assessment.


Read the article: Lean Production Techniques Gain Traction at Hospitals and call Jamie Millman at 617-710-7033 for information on how GBMP can help your healthcare organization begin it's lean journey to performance excellence.


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The Shingo Institute

The Shingo Institute: Home of the Shingo Prize

GBMP is proud to be a Licensed Affiliate of The Shingo Institute, home of the Shingo Prize. The Shingo Institute’s mission is to guide leaders in creating sustainable cultures of excellence based on principles. Read more about GBMP's affiliation with The Shingo Institute.