GBMP Lean Case Studies

Boston Children's Hospital - Plastic & Oral Surgery Reap the Benefits of Lean

Merida - Making it in Massachusetts in a Very Good Way
Admiral Metals -  Ongoing Commitment to Customers & Employees Creates Supportive Climate For Idea Generation
Autopart International -  CI Program Drives More than $600,000 in Savings
Signature Healthcare -  Team streamlines clinic paperwork 
AccuRounds - Changeover reduction keeps lean journey moving forward 
The Trelleborg Group -  Six Sigma Projects Save in Excess of $800,000 at Randolph Plant

Dacon Construcation & Accurounds -  3P Event Gets Dacon & AccuRounds on the Same Page Regarding New Building Layout

Crane Stationary -  Process Changes Help On-Time Delivery Soar
Innovent Technologies -  SMED Success Supports High Mix, Low Volume Production Environment
Groov-Pin - GBMP Introduces Yokoten, then Training to Help Unleash Stream of Improvement Ideas
Alpha Analytical -  Testing Better Ways to Serve Customers Through Continuous Improvement 
Signature Healthcare -  Two Heads are Better Than One!
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center -  What is the connection between lego people, paper dolls and operating rooms?
Excelsior Oatmeal Studios -  Half the Labor, 20% Less Inventory and On-time Delivery in the High 90% Range
Bendon Gear -  ROI on Lean Training Measured at 133 to 1!
Geiger -  "Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect": Transforming An Accounts Receivable Process
Boston Retail Products -   Two Category Finalist in 2011 American Manufacturing Strategy Awards 
ABNote - Security with Efficiency

A Day at Aushon BioSystems - The Power of Team-Based Kaizen

Alene Candle: Turning Up The Heat With Lean

Geiger SunGraphix - Freeing Up Big Time with Changeover Collaboration

Raytheon IADC Recognized as 2010 Industry Week Best Plants Winner

Ken's Foods: Continuous Improvement & 5S

Cybex International: Building Exercise Equipment to Customer Demand: Faster & with Lower Inventories

Dole & Bailey: Helping Employees Develop a Taste for Lean

STD Medical: 2 Days, 350 Hours: How a Short Set-Up Reduction Pilot Program Demonstrated Huge Improvement Opportunities In Machining

OmniGuide:  17 Days of Training and Over $4 Million in Savings

Extrusion Technology:  Employee Empowerment & Operational Improvement equals $1.2M in Cost Savings per Year
Checon Corporation: Employees Achieve 88% Reduction in Set-up Times at Corporation
Good Harbor FilletHow Much is 8 Days of Lean Training and Employee Continuous Improvement Activity Worth?
Flexcon: Kanban System Provides Significant Savings and Benefits to Expansion Tank Manufacturer

Case Study: A Lesson in How to Save $15,000,000 Dollars!

United Tool & Die:  Respect for Workers Key to 5S Success
Bemis Worldwide: Supporting World Class Athletes through World Class Operations
Karl Storz Endovision: Continuous Improvement Activities Lead to Growth in Jobs and Significant ROI
At A.W. Chesterton Continuous Improvement Is Not Just for Production
110 Years Young: How Admiral Packaging Continues to Adopt New Ways of Thinking and Working to Stay Competitive

Initial Continuous Improvement Efforts Yield 68% Gain in Productivity at MA Manufacturer


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