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 The first steps in getting your Lean journey started with GBMP are the Operational Assessment and Top Management Briefing.

TrueNorthCompassThe Operational Assessment 
The first step in the GBMP approach to Continuous Improvement education and shop-floor implementation is to perform a complimentary assessment* of your current processes and Continuous Improvement history. One of our Continuous Improvement Managers will visit your plant to learn about your unique business issues and needs. He or she will walk your shop floor with you from receiving, through all of your internal processes, to shipping finished goods. We will follow up our visit with a personalized report that outlines your potential opportunities to achieve new levels of operational excellence. There is no obligation on your part. All it takes is two to three hours of your time, and a willingness to tell our facilitators your company story and about your products and processes.

All of our Continuous Improvement Managers have over 20 years of experience as manufacturers and change agents and can offer you tremendous insight even if you have already begun the Continuous Improvement journey.


Top Management Briefing 
ROWING_for_Web_2One of the most crucial factors of success facing a company on the Continuous Improvement journey is for that company to have 100% support from top management. Without this, a CI program is destined for failure and will be seen as "the flavor of the month" as opposed to a true Continuous Improvement approach to business operations. We prevent this from happening by starting every company's training with a half-day course for managers on the philosophies of Continuous Improvement, the seven wastes, "reliable methods" and management's role in driving improvement efforts within the organization. This course is intended to give all functional areas a basic understanding of Continuous Improvement and sets the stage for managers to be able to understand and support improvement activities and projects that are undertaken by the organization. It provides a solid foundation for managers in companies just starting out with Continuous Improvement and contains many specific points managers can take away and use to help the organization reach new levels of operational excellence. This course is designed to both inform and inspire individuals in a leadership role about the benefits that can be achieved by unleashing the power of Continuous Improvement within their organization.

Comprehensive Gap Analysis
A Comprehensive Ga
p Analysis** is another service GBMP provides to help you understand how your performance compares to the internationally recognized Shingo Model. If your company is just starting out on the lean journey, a gap analysis provides an objective view of your current state and helps to establish a roadmap for making future improvements. You will receive a site visit report outlining key strengths and opportunities and providing suggestions for making improvements in line with the Shingo Institute's Prize Model. Learn more.

To schedule your Free Operational Assessment, Comprehensive Gap Analysis, or Top Management Briefing, or to have any of your Continuous Improvement questions answered, please call Jamie Millman at 617-710-7033.

* The Operational Assessment is free for companies within a 100 mile radius of Boston MA; otherwise the cost is $3000 plus the cost of travel
** The Comprehensive Gap Analysis is $3000 for companies in Massachusetts; otherwise the cost is $3500 plus the cost of travel