Components of Lean Training with GBMP - Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing and Lean in Healthcare

The Continuous Improvement Toolkit
Weekly%20Planner%20for%20webAll GBMP courses are customized to your company's specific needs and combine classroom and shop-floor education. In-depth descriptions are available here for some of the courses that comprise our training so that you may get a sense of how the GBMP team can help increase the efficiency of your team. All of our training helps you create a self-sustaining system with the full benefits of Lean Manufacturing. After our involvement is completed, your employees will understand Continuous Improvement and carry it forward in their daily work.
GBMP is thrilled to announce its partnership with SME's nationally-recognized Bronze, Silver and Gold Lean Certification program. GBMP will proctor exams four times a year for individuals who are ready to take the next steps in their Lean Education and Career. Check out our events page for details on dates and locations.

In addition to the courses listed below, GBMP has created a new workshop series designed to take more experienced lean practitioners to a new level of understanding of the TPS countermeasures and the principles behind them. The Lean-By-DoingSM courses are targeted to lean leaders and are more intensive - limited class size guarantees one-on-one learning between teacher and student - providing focused lean learning opportunities that cannot be achieved in larger class settings. Click to learn more about our Lean-By-DoingSM philiosophy and workshops.
Lean Health Check Up
Top Management Briefing
Introduction to Lean/Continuous Improvement
Lean Policy Deployment
Implementing Kanban: Pull Systems
5S: Organizing the Workplace for Greater Productivity
Value Stream Mapping: Documenting Material and Information Flow
Set-Up Time Reduction (Quick Change)
Standardized Work
Cellular Manufacturing/Continuous Flow
Visual Control Devices & Systems
Kaizen Planning
Overcoming Organizational Obstacles to Lean
Lean Certificate Program (multi-week course)
Lean Certificate in Healthcare (multi-week course)
Leadership in a Lean Environment
Lean Accounting
Lean for the Office
Combining Lean and Six Sigma
Measurements in a Lean Environment
Poka-yoke (Mistake Proofing)
Six Sigma Yellow Belt (2-day course)
Six Sigma Green Belt (multi-week course)
Six Sigma Black Belt (multi-week course)
Six Sigma Master Black Belt (multi-week course)
Gage R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility)
FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
Graphical Data Analysis using Excel and Minitab
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Design for Six Sigma
Problem Solving Tools for Teams
Effective Communication in the Workplace
Team Development
Learning to Train: Methods and Tools for Trainers teaching CI
Kanban Across the Extended Supply Chain
TPM (Total Production Maintenance)

...and more. Call Jamie Millman for info at 617-287-7737.
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