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DVD Documents

GBMP provides documentation as go-alongs with some of our Lean Training DVDs so you and your team can watch the video uninterrupted, without needing to jot down notes or formulas.

Pulling Together II: Learning to Connect & Synchronize

1. Kanban Checklist
2. Kanban Formula
3. Internal Kanban Card Example
4. Supplier Kanban Card Example

Change(over) is Good!: Cut Costs and Increase Flexibility through Set Up Reduction

Set Up Analysis Worksheet (blank)

Toast Value Stream Mapping

1. Toast VSM A3
2. Value Stream Mapping Symbols Reference

Lean Policy Deployment: Roadmap to Improvement

1. X-Matrix Template
2. Anyorg, Inc. Sample X-Matrix

TPM: Tapping the Hidden Capacity of your Equipment

1. Helpful DVD Outline
2. Seven TPM Forms

Go SEE: A Management Primer for Gemba Walks

Do's & Don'ts

True North in a Nutshell

Window Analysis

DVDs to use with the e2 Continuous Improvement Systems Workbook

DVD Mini-Lessons Companion Package & Guide Info