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The e2 CI System for DIY Lean Training & Education

The e2 Continuous Improvement System


Developed by Shingo Prize recipient Bruce Hamilton, this groundbreaking training system contains everything you need to begin, re-energize or standardize your Continuous Improvement training and implementation. This system is based upon the three critical aspects of the Toyota Production System: Foundations, Countermeasures and Management. This is a "learn-and-do" training product combining both explicit learning in the form of a workbook, on-line reinforcement (an on-line assistant component that allows students to independently check/validate their learning) and DVD lessons, and tacit learning in the form of practical exercises and projects. Tacit learning, or learning by doing, is essential to understanding and implementing TPS.

To learn more about The e2 Continuous Improvement System, please contact Tracy Reardon at 617-287-7714 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.shopgbmp.org to place your order.

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Training System Contents:

1 Facilitator's Guide
– A facilitators guide is included which details instructions on how to best implement Continuous Improvement/Lean and the e2 Continuous Improvmement kit. Click here to see an excerpt from the Faciliitator's Guide

1 CD with over a dozen Lesson Forms, Visuals and Instructions to accompany the e2 CI workbooks and hands-on exercises.

10 Sets of Workbooks – Each set of workbooks contains 3 booklets; a Foundations workbook, a Countermeasures workbook and a Management workbook.

Click here to see an excerpt from the Foundations workbook

Click here to see an excerpt from the Countermeasures workbook

Click here to see an excerpt from the Management workbook

On-line Learning Assistant – 10 seats to GBMP's online learning assistant are included in package to coincide with workbooks. The On-line learning assistant allows training participants to gage their level of understanding of Lean through a series of on-line quizzes.

GBMP Video Series – 1 Bundle of 7 Interactive and Educational Videos Topics include:
Toast Kaizen – Introduction to Continuous Improvement
Dozen Eggs – Downsizing Lot Sizes
Moments of Truth – Creating a Lean Chain of Support
5S – 5 Challenges
Z Corporation Plant Tour
Poka-yoke – Mistake Proofing
Value Stream Mapping

This entire system can be purchased for $3,495.

*If you plan to train more than 10 people, additional sets of workbooks can be purchased either individually (that's one set of 3 workbooks for one student which also includes the online learning assistant) for $100 or in sets of 10 (30 workbooks for 10 students plus 10 seats to the onlkine learning assistant - i.e. one for each student) for $899. An additional Facilitators kit (Guide, Quickstart, CD-Rom, 3 workbooks and the tote) is also available for $299. GBMP can also visit your facility to develop a customized operational assessment and training plan at an additional cost.

Praise for the e2 Continuous Improvement System:
"e² continues to be effective at bringing ACT employees together to focus on continuous improvement. The straight forward concepts of e² are quickly grasped by all employees. As a result of everybody, everyday, ACT is experiencing company wide teamwork focused on continuous improvement. "Everybody everyday is becoming the ACT way."

Joan R. Leedom, Assistant to the President Advanced Conversion Technology, Inc. Middletown, PA 17057