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Welcome to GBMP Healthcare

GBMP Specializes in the Internal Development of your People

Our unique approach to Lean implementation gives healthcare employees the knowledge, passion and will to create ideal, patient-centered experiences. Working side-by-side with front line, administrative and  managerial staff, our experienced Continuous Improvement Managers train, coach and mentor your people  in Lean principles and best practices to create a sustainable culture of everyday improvement based upon employee engagement. Email to get started with GBMP as your partner to operational excellence.

Take a moment to watch a brief video to learn how GBMP's products, services, workshops, and membership community can help your healthcare organization strategically deploy Continuous Process Improvement, engage and ignite the creativity of employees and achieve operational excellence every day!

"LEAN thinking/training should be required for all senior leadership in all hospitals. The ability to improve so many processes, once you understand them, is very powerful. Lean in Healthcare training is not only relevant but crucial to the healthcare industry.  The traditional ways are unsustainable.  GBMP's programs should be mandatory for all of the healthcare leaders of today and tomorrow.” -Eric Dickson MD, President & CEO, UMASS Memorial Healthcare