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Case Studies
Real Lean Results Achieved by GBMP Clients

Hydroid Gets Lean!
Lean, Technology & Teamwork Achieve Results at AES
Poka-yoke at Prattville Machine
Device Technologies: 
Small Company Achieves Large Gains
ARS: Getting Smaller to Grow Bigger
Boston Brace: Standardization Leads to Better Customized Fit

Merida Meridan: Making it in MA in a Good Way
Admiral Metals: Commitment to Customers & Employees Creates Supportive Culture for Idea Generation
AccuRounds: Changeover Reduction Keeps the Lean Journey Moving Forward
Autopart International: CI Program Drives More than $600,000 in Savings

The Trelleborg Group: Six Sigma Projects Save in Excess of $800,000 at Randolph Plant
Dacon Construction & Accurounds: 3P Event Gets Dacon & AccuRounds on the Same Page Regarding New Building Layout
Crane Stationary: Process Changes Help On-Time Delivery Soar
Innovent Technologies: SMED Success Supports High Mix, Low Volume Production Environment
Groov-Pin: GBMP Introduces Yokoten, then Training to Help Unleash Stream of Improvement Ideas
Alpha Analytical: Testing Better Ways to Serve Customers Through Continuous Improvement
Bendon Gear: ROI on Lean Training Measured at 133 to 1!
Excelsior Oatmeal Studios: Half the Labor, 20% Less Inventory and On-time Delivery in the High 90% Range
Geiger: "Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect": Transforming An Accounts Receivable Process
Alene Candle: Turning Up The Heat with Lean
Aushon Biosystems: The Power of Team-Based Kaizen
ABNote: Security with Efficiency
SunGraphix: Freeing Up Big Time with Changeover Collaboration
OmniGuide: 17 Days of Training and Over $4 Million in Savings
STD Medical: 2 Days, 350 Hours: How a Short Set-Up Reduction Pilot Program Demonstrated Huge Improvement Opportunities In Machining
Dole & Bailey: Helping Employees Develop a Taste for Lean
Cybex International: Building Exercise Equipment to Customer Demand: Faster & with Lower Inventories
Checon Corporation: Employees Achieve 88% Reduction in Set-up Times at Corporation
Good Harbor Fillet:  How Much is 8 Days of Lean Training and Employee Continuous Improvement Activity Worth?
Flexcon: Kanban System Provides Significant Savings and Benefits to Expansion Tank Manufacturer
Case Study: A Lesson in How to Save $15,000,000 Dollars!
United Tool & Die:  Respect for Workers Key to 5S Success
Bemis Worldwide: Supporting World Class Athletes through World Class Operations

Karl Storz Endovision: Continuous Improvement Activities Lead to Growth in Jobs and Significant ROI
At A.W. Chesterton Continuous Improvement Is Not Just for Production
110 Years Young: How Admiral Packaging Continues to Adopt New Ways of Thinking and Working to Stay Competitive
Case Study: Initial Continuous Improvement Efforts Yield 68% Gain in Productivity at MA Manufacturer


"GBMP provided my team with a formal assessment of what needed to change in our FDA GMP/ISO 9000 operation in order to satisfy a major customer demanding a 75% reduction in lead time. GBMP assisted us with securing a state grant to finance our training classes. Once this was in place we partnered with GBMP for two years to drive the Continuous Improvement mentality throughout the organization. They organized our training sessions and provided us with the tools to make the changes, but allowed us to figure out how to execute and sustain the improvements. When this 2-year program was complete our lead times dropped by 75%, our customer satisfaction was at an all-time high, quality was much improved and our profit margin had jumped significantly. I highly recommend that any company planning to take the Lean journey look towards GBMP for guidance and direction." -- Dan Massucco, Director of Manufacturing RNA Medical, a division of Bionostics

"Without a doubt, the lean skills I gained working with GBMP together with the SME Lean Bronze Certification (which GBMP helped prepare me for) were the deciding factors in landing my current job. I have been busy applying my knowledge in this new position and we are getting good results.....5S, single piece flow, Kanban, picking away at the 7 wastes, etc. The team has gone from 2 week manufacturing lead times to 48 hours and the new goal is 24 hours! "Push" has been turned into "Pull"! We have dropped our inventory to "unheard of" levels, accomplishing a 48% decline in total inventory over the last 9 months. Needless to say, the CEO is very happy--he is very much into Lean and expects everyone to "walk the walk". The Continuous improvement principles and tools I learned through GBMP work, no matter where you are!" -Ken Horan, General Manager, Everbrite Electronics

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Case Studies for GBMP

"We are very pleased with the impact and results of our relationship with the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership. The Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Walpole site has realized significant gains/savings in operations as a result of the training provided to our employees by GBMP. Through the implementation of the training, our organization has demonstrated improvements in quality, cycle time, and customer service. Our workforce is engaged in several improvement projects that will yield continued positive business results."-- Kent R. Richards, Manager, Continuous Improvement Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"As a result of the implementation of Lean best practices and principles by our employees, IPAC has increased capacity by 400 man hours per week and we haven't paid one hour of overtime or missed an order ship date in months. Training with GBMP has meant the difference between staying viable in the Northeast and looking elsewhere to manufacture. Standardizing work practices and eliminating waiting and looking for items have been the two greatest gains that we made. We made a small capital investment, which also facilitated the extreme increase in Productivity. The productivity improvement as measured in sales dollars/labor dollars is up over 30%". -- Bob DesRosiers, President Industrial Polymers & Chemicals, Inc.

"The program, from our perspective, has been a huge success so far and we anticipate it getting even better as we move further into it. The timing works as we match education with what is actually happening on the shop floor right now. As a result of the initial training of individuals from high visibility value streams/product lines from each department, the "gospel" is spreading enthusiastically. Bruce McGill is doing a fantastic job keeping our people engaged, presenting and explaining the subject matter, and never afraid to ask difficult questions. He is the perfect Ying to my Yang. : ) Humor aside, GBMP is a welcome part of our metamorphosis."  -- Mike Wanyo, Vice President ABnote USA Inc.

"I just want to say that the instructor and the material were excellent. I would highly recommend GBMP courses to anyone. I have been a Lean Practitioner for some time now and wanted to get a refresher on Visual Control Systems...boy did Ted do a great job. Please tell him "Thanks" for me." -- Gary Ostrowski Masoneilan, Dresser Valve Control Division

Testimonials for GBMP

GBMP's plant tours and seminars always give my company great ideas and new tools." -- Tim Callaghan, VP of Operations Phoenix Controls

"GBMP has been the most productive support group we have ever contracted with, and we greatly appreciate your practical approaches to lean manufacturing. Rui, John an I look forward to working with you and your group in for the foreseeable future and beyond." -- Ed Goodreau, VP of Manufacturing Biogen Idec

"GBMP has been our trusted partner in guiding us along the lean journey. Their expertise in the field of continuous improvement and the Toyota Production System has greatly increased our collective knowledge base. Working together, we are providing a fertile ground for Raytheon's culture of Total Employee Engagement to accelerate business growth." --Ken Veduccio, Director of Development and Manufacturing Raytheon Company, Northeast Shingo Prize Recipient

"Bruce Hamilton and his team at GBMP have learned from the best over many years, and know how to put lean thinking into action." -- James Womack, Author of "Lean Thinking"

 "We just had the single-best month in fixed ops we have ever had.  My belief is that both the direct service training of the writers and the process training of the managers has changed the way everyone views and manages processes and we have by osmosis become significantly more efficient." Paul Barton, GM, Tracy Cadillac




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