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Continuous Improvement, Lean & Six Sigma Training

The GBMP Approach:
Lean Education, Training and Learning

GBMP's approach to your Continuous Improvement success is tapping into the vast knowledge and creativity that resides within your employee base. GBMP is not only focused on helping your organization make initial improvements, but on helping you develop a self-sustaining Continuous Improvement Kaizen program that delivers bottom line results year after year. 

The first step in the GBMP approach to Continuous Improvement education and shop-floor implementation is a complimentary Lean assessment of your current processes and Continuous Improvement history. We will follow up our visit with a personalized report that outlines your potential opportunities to achieve new levels of operational excellence. GBMP then starts every organization's training with a   Top Management Briefing in the philosophies of Continuous Improvement, setting the stage for managers to be able to support improvement activities and Kaizen projects.


"Classroom activities alone cannot create deep learning and may, in fact, cause persons to privately harbor doubts. Only with constant hands-on practice can we remove the conceptual blind spots that obscure the full benefit of Lean tools." 
                          - Bruce Hamilton, President, GBMP

GBMP's CI Managers have been trained by Toyota directly, the creators of "Lean" philosophies and tools, and each has 25+ years of shop floor/managerial experience as a change agent in a Lean company. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your shop-floor team to tackle operational obstacles. We have extensive experience in a number of industries ranging from Job Shops to Medical Devices to Musical Instruments to Hospitals. Our typical training project sees a five to seven-time return on investment.  Also, learn more about GBMP's customized Lean and Six Sigma training services for healthcare organizations here.


Four Keys to Success:
Crucial Concepts & Components of The GBMP Approach

1. Team Project Definition and Implementation

A true understanding of Lean and quantifiable results from a Lean initiative are not obtained from classroom training alone.
GBMP's customized approach to Continuous Improvement/Lean Training/Six Sigma Training is focused on the "shop-floor" or where ever  all of your company's value is created. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with your team to identify the areas of your business that will reap the most benefit from Continuous Improvement implementation and begin there. By starting in this fashion, your company will quickly obtain a return on investment in implementing Lean and Six Sigma. These initial dramatic results will be seen by the rest of your company and help build a "buzz" around your Continuous Improvement drive. This will promote the spread of CI culture to others in your organization.


2. Tacit Learning

Tacit learning is defined as "learning by doing".
GBMP's philosophy is that the process of acquiring knowledge is best done through tacit learning. This is the reason that a typical GBMP training day at your facility consists of four hours in a classroom learning terminology and the philosophy behind the Continuous Improvement concept that is the focus of the day's training. The other four hours of the day are spent on the shop-floor applying the tools. GBMP trainers act as mentors and facilitators rather than consultants, allowing your people to use their talents and product knowledge to best apply the lean concepts to your processes.

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3. Measuring Bottom Line Improvements

Too often companies view Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma as a set of tools and techniques that can be layered over existing infrastructure, policy and metrics. Approaching CI in this way will lead to unresolvable conflicts between practice and measurement. GBMP can help your company focus on the critical revisions to management policy and measurement systems that are necessary to support your ongoing pursuit of operational excellence.

Measuring Bottom Line Improvements

4. Sustaining the Change

Once GBMP completes training your workforce on Continuous Improvement principles and guides them through the process of implementing these tools, your people are left with a real Lean Education, the knowledge and implementation experience to continue to make progress without GBMP's assistance. GBMP's membership program offers many benefits to help you sustain the change, including free workshops, discounts for GBMP certificate courses and Lean training DVDs and simulations, the ability to attend invaluable bench-marking plant tours and on-demand streaming lean training content. These resources will keep your folks learning from industry experts and other companies on the Lean journey so they can continue to pursue operational excellence.


Ready to get started?  Let's talk soon. Here's our calendar:

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