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Leading in an Enterprise Excellence Environment

This fast-paced overview of management's role in developing a high-performance organization with deep Lean understanding and broad employee engagement is based upon thought leadership from Toyota and the foundational principles of The Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence.

The workshop series is designed to:

  • Create an understanding of the conceptual challenges to a successful Lean transformation
  • Identify key strategic and organization changes that support Lean environments
  • Explain the role of Lean leadership to create an environment that surfaces problems and promotes continuous improvement for all employees
  • Reflect on the current business needs of your organization to begin to design and manage a Lean journey at your site
  • Provide hands-on practice for executives and managers to practice critical new skills needed to succeed in a leadership role in a Lean environment

Who should attend? This course is designed primarily for executives, middle managers and front-line supervisors as it emphasizes key roles and management behaviors that are necessary to motivate, develop and deploy an army of problem solvers. The concepts and practice content is also useful to internal Lean coaches and leaders. For greatest impact, GBMP recommends a balanced team representing operational, NPD and administrative functions, preferable focused on a clear business target.  View the syllabus.

Time Commitment: The workshop series is conducted in ten half-day segments, typically separated by one to two weeks. An additional commitment of at least 4 hours between these sessions is recommended and essential to get hands-on practice in your workplace. View the daily schedule/course breakdown.

“The three biggest obstacles to continuous improvement are top management, middle management and front-line supervision.”

Roger Milliken, Chairman Milliken & Company, Baldridge Prize Winner.