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Lean Healthcare Project Facilitation & Coaching

Lean Project Facilitation

GBMP can lead strategic initiatives and process improvement projects to ensure you achieve your desired results. A sampling of some of our recent projects for hospitals, ambulatory clinics, and skilled nursing facilities includes:

  • Improve ED Patient Flow (Door to Doc, Doc to Decision, Decision to Final Disposition)
  • Medication Reconciliation Improvement
  • Discharge Improvement
  • Admitting Improvement
  • Bed Assignment Improvement
  • Readmission Reduction
  • Turn Around Time Reduction (Lab and Imaging Test Results)
  • Equipment Utilization, Storage, Organization & Service
  • Central Sterilizing Throughput
  • OR Utilization
  • Pharmacy Process Improvement
  • Housekeeping (Room Turnover)
  • Exam Room Turnover
  • Department Layout
  • Facility Layout
  • Materials Replenishment
  • Information Flow (Medical Records)
  • Billing
  • Food Service

The Model Approach

When GBMP facilitates a project for your organization, we can assist you in creating a Model Area. The purpose of a Model Area is to create an advanced example of process excellence so that anyone observing it can easily see that it exhibits breakthrough performance and that Lean is a successful approach. The Model Approach can be used early in an organization's lean journey as a way to achieve rapid results in a focused area while developing internal lean leaders in preparation for a larger-scale lean implementation.  As a highly developed example, it becomes a key change-management tool.

The Model Approach is very effective for 
overcoming skepticism and objections while clearly demonstrating how Lean will make life easier for clinicians and staff, eliminating the things that get in the way of employees being able to do their job.

The Model area is the first to go through multiple passes of improvement. As it does, the process begins to operate in new ways - demonstrating the power of Lean and a new learning culture that will develop your people and sustain the improvements for the long term. It is therefore a Model for the future of the rest of the organization.



GBMP Lean in Healthcare Consulting Services

GBMP offers extensive and professional consulting services for clients who require specific guidance on Lean strategy, deployment, program development, employee development, project definition and management, appropriate measures and project outcomes.

Our practitioners have many years of practical experience working with world class organizations implementing The Toyota Production System. GBMP is a licensed affiliate of The Shingo Institute. Our team includes several Shingo Prize Examiners and recipients.

Our experts can provide support onsite, over the phone or via virtual meetings.


Mentoring & Coaching

GBMP is proud of its track record of providing personalized coaching to Lean teams or mentoring your most enthusiastic change agents individually on a variety of milestones on your Lean journey. We help your people gain the confidence they need to begin, expand and sustain an improvement culture in your organization.

This includes:
  •  1-on-1 help to increase individual knowledge and understanding of Toyota Production System philosophy and tools
  •     Developing your organization's personalized Lean road map
  •     Effectively communicating and deploying the strategic plan
  •     Assistance in creating a Lean steering committee
  •     Rolling out a Lean people development program
  •     Establishing a Lean resource center
  •     Developing presentations and improving presentation skills
  •     Creating an effective employee idea system
  •     Guidance on your specific and unique organizational challenges
  •     Selecting the proper proven tools for sustaining improvements
  •     Creating the right culture for improvement

Our friendly and knowledgeable coaches and mentors can provide support onsite, over the phone, or via virtual meetings. Contact us at 617-710-7033 or JMillman {at} for more information.