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Resources for Students of Lean

More Resources

Old Lean Dude, the blog  

A blog about understanding the Toyota Production System & Gaining it's Full Benefits, written by Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP, aka "The Toast Dude"

On-demand streaming of award-winning Lean training educational videos and inspiring content including webcasts, conference presentations, and more. 

​The Northeast Lean Conference 
GBMP's annual event is held in October in New England for more than 500 passionate Lean practitioners and students of Lean. Featuring six tracks, 50+ breakout sessions, exceptional & inspiring learning, networking, and benchmarking opportunities! 


TPS Reference Posters

Help your team members keep these important TPS principles and countermeasures top of mind by posting them to your breakroom bulletin board or including them in your CI newsletter. Click the image to download them all.