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It's About Time

Our 19th annual Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference (L.E.A.N. = Lean Enable and Nurture) is now just weeks away. This year’s theme, IT’S ABOUT TIME,..
This entry was posted in Silver Toaster Award, Toyota Production System. Lean manufacturing, 7 wastes, LEI, Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference, Lean Management, Lean Culture on August 24 , 2023.

A Tale of Two Communities

There was a time when “community” was narrowly defined as “a group of people living in the same place.” I have distant recollections of a Boy Scout..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, lean enterprise institute, community of lean, benchmarking, LEI, toyota production system, membership on March 17 , 2015.


As any conference-goer can attest, the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line when that line is the lunch line. At Lean..
This entry was posted in lean, old lean dude, six sigma, continuous improvement, kaizen, TSSC, bruce hamilton, LEI, inventory, Jamie Bonini, John Shook on March 17 , 2014.

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