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Leader Standard Waste: Part One

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled “The Emperor’s New Huddle Boards,” in which I expressed concern about the trappings of improvement without..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, kanban, six sigma, Toast Kaizen, David Mann, kaizen, standard work, toyota kata, bruce hamilton, toyota production system, leader standard work, standardized work on May 01 , 2018.

Mistake-Proofing Mistakes

There is a popular lore provided by Shigeo Shingo, that the original name for mistake-proofing (Poka-Yoke) was “fool-proofing” (Baka-Yoke). Shingo..
This entry was posted in lean, old lean dude, six sigma, continuous improvement, standard work, error-proofing, pokayoke, poka-yoke, toyota production system, shigeo shingo, mistake proofing, manufacturing on December 08 , 2015.

Senior Moments

I was speaking last week with, Jen, a senior manager at a large manufacturer, and she commented to me, “I know it’s important for me to get to the..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, lean manufacturing, Toast Kaizen, Shingo Institute, gemba walks, standard work, manager standard work, lean training dvds on April 30 , 2015.

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