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Case Studies & Testimonials from our Healthcare Clients

Ellis Medicine Uses Lean & 6Sigma to Create Opportunities: Savings Estimates Top $1.6 Million

Ellis Medicine is a 438-bed community and teaching healthcare system serving New York’s Capital Region. With four main campuses, five additional service locations, more than 3,300 employees and more than 700 medical staff, Ellis Medicine offers an extensive array of inpatient and outpatient services. Keep reading

Lego People, Paper Dolls & Operating Rooms: 3P at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

A cross-functional group of employees supporting Operating Room activities at BIDMC Needham joined facilitator, Bruce Hamilton of GBMP, for a 1.5-day event focused on developing “patient-centered” processes that also meet the needs of the many people who care for patients undergoing surgery. Keep reading

Plastic & Oral Surgery Reap the Benefits of Lean at Boston Children's Hospital

“The teams in the Plastic Oral Surgery department have really demonstrated the spirit of Kaizen,” according to GBMP CI Manager Dan Fleming.  “They recognize that making the work easier for them makes a better experience for patients, and helps cut costs and improve quality."  Keep reading

Team Streamlines Clinic Paperwork at Signature Healthcare

Leveraging a workforce training fund grant from the state of Massachusetts, GBMP facilitated an improvement effort at an outpatient clinic with four primary healthcare providers (PCPs).  Over a two day span, a multi-disciplinary team worked on simplifying and streamlining the paperwork process.  Keep reading


“The LEAN classes at Milford were a terrific experience. Our instructors had real world experience from the corporate world using LEAN methodology. They educated us on LEAN in an easy to understand and fun manner. The instructor showed us how LEAN should work in healthcare in practical terms. Our Hospital participants were truly impressed with the experience.” Ed Kelly, President, Milford Regional Medical Center

"GBMP taught us that Lean thinking is not a project with a beginning and end. It changes how we think, see, and question how and why things are done. Now our eyes are open to new improvement opportunities every day." Alice Lee,  former Vice President, Business Transformation, Office of the President, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA

"The Lean in Healthcare Certificate program was a LIFE-CHANGING course and experience for me." Azalea Wedig, The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

“GBMP's Lean in Healthcare Certificate Program was a fabulous introduction to Lean. It not only provided a comprehensive overview of the philosophy, but it also offered relevant exercises, videos, and “in the field” learning for every topic covered. As someone who works in operational improvement, I was skeptical as to how much new material I would learn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I took something from every lesson, and that I was able to broaden my depth of Lean knowledge. The classes were easy to attend and the course material and homework were all easy to fit in to my busy schedule. GBMP is the gold standard for Lean training, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who works in performance improvement. All of the instructors were Lean experts with years of experience both coaching and practicing Lean themselves. All in all, a great investment to my career. “Aubrey Podell, Program Coordinator for Patient Perception of Care, Newton Wellesley Hospital, Newton MA

“The Lean in Healthcare Certificate Course was the perfect combination of presentation materials, engaging exercises and hands on examples. At the end, I had lots of tricks, tools and tips to get started with Lean in my own workplace.” Joan Menard, Director, Physician Relations, Harrington HealthCare System, Springfield MA

“I loved the hands-on exercises.  The instructors were laid back, excellent teachers and everyone was comfortable in asking questions.  The interaction was great.  I look forward to working with you again.  The whole program was fantastic!” Catherine Magone, VP, Performance Improvement, Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre, NY

“I know that my staff who were able to be a part of this event really gained valuable perspectives and were definitely engaged in "thinking outside the box". I must admit that  I was unsure how we could begin to make change, but count me in as a true believer in the  process. I have always believed that if you need change to happen, it needs to happen with the  caregivers first- it needs to be their ideas or the change never happens. I think this is only the  beginning for us and I hope to be able to use what  I learned from now on every day.”  Holly Sousa, Director of Perioperative Services, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Needham MA

“Lean helps pharmacies and all healthcare departments to identify and eliminate areas of waste, promote a culture of safety, involve staff in decision making, increase employee engagement and connects you with others in your organization to help problem solve effectively using data.  The fun classroom and Gemba activities GBMP provides allow you to apply concepts in a way that helps improve your department in real time rather than waiting until the class is over.  I looked forward to each class and how I could further improve the pharmacy.  GBMP can help improve processes within your department if you are willing to try.”  Heather Upchurch, Pharm.D. Pharmacy Manager/ Interim Director Mercy Medical Center, Springfield MA

“I would highly recommend the Lean in Healthcare Certificate Program.  The combination of lectures, team projects in a hospital setting and homework really reinforced the principles of Lean.  I have successfully completed several quality improvement projects in my department utilizing the knowledge gained from this course.  I look forward to working with my peers from LGH that also attended this course to improve patient satisfaction, safety, quality and productivity throughout the institution.” Debbie Ralls, Director, Radiology, Lawrence General Hospital, Lawrence MA

“I loved GBMP's Lean in Healthcare Certificate Course!!  It not only provided adequate exposure to lean concepts and process improvement techniques, but also provided the class with hands-on practical experience utilizing lean principles in the health care environment.  [Lead Faculty] Dan Fleming of GBMP is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in continuous improvement and lean methodology.  He kept the class interested and engaged through his course materials, team activities, and practical applications to the health care world.  This course taught me ways to offer the highest quality of care while eliminating waste, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and empowering staff to improve customer satisfaction. I will continue to utilize this learning throughout my healthcare career as well as apply these concepts to my day-to day life.”  Debra Zirman, Patient Relations, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA

“What did I like best?  Integration of videos, lecture, activities, articles and hands-on in class that offered extra variety.  Dan was outstanding in explaining, implementing and coaching the lean philosophy in a very productive way.” Linda Sullivan, Quality Manager, Mercy Medical Center, Springfield MA

“The training was extremely helpful in understanding processes of different departments.  You must go to the actual department and observe like we did.” Kathleen Linehan, RN, Assistant Director of Quality, Mercy Medical Center, Springfield MA

“The GBMP trainers are extremely knowledgeable about Lean.  They are good presenters too, keeping you interested throughout the class.  Excellent mentoring abilities during Gemba visits. Class exercises were very helpful.”

 “In this time of uncertainty in the healthcare environment, and the need to continue providing the highest quality of care while lowering costs, we are confident Lean will move us to this goal and GBMP is the best organization to get us there.”

“Your training has taught me to get out there and see things for myself.  When renovation and/or other requests come into Finance, I have a new perspective enabling me to make the correct inquiries to assess the request.  Your programs should be a core program at every hospital.”

 “I think Lean in Healthcare training is extremely valuable to the Director, Manager, Supervisor and Staff level of employees to support creating actual change.”

“GBMP's team did a great job delivering a complex process in an engaging way.  I feel like I’ve received good preparation and the start of a good network.”

“Best courses I’ve ever taken.  Thank you!”