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Continuous Improvement Core Values & Principles

Toyota Forklifts calls these their three "Core Principles"  - 5S (Workplace Organization), Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and Genchi Genbutsu (Go & See at the Gemba). These are amazing, am I right? Post these to your
TPS or huddle board to remind folks why we're on this Lean journey together and keep the improvements going. 

Lean Manufacturing 5S Tips

5S is often the first real workplace effort in a Lean implementation ; as such it is especially vulnerable to tacit learning deficits. Managers...

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Lean Manufacturing huddle and 5S audit boars

GBMP CI Manager Bob Elliott explains - "During training today we were discussing 5S and other types of daily huddle boards to aide in daily Lean...

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Stop Searching with SMED

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