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Lean Manufacturing Free Webinar

GBMP's President, and resident "Toast Dude", Bruce Hamilton's free webinars are streamed live on the second Tuesday of each month. Podcasts are available to view anytime on GBMP's video content website Leanflix. Bruce Hamilton is considered by many to be one of the foremost thought leaders on Lean and The Toyota Production System in the United States today.  Why not set aside 40 minutes today to watch one of our favorites (there are more than 50!) about how to make sure your Lean training program  " grounds  Lean learning…so students understand the philosophies...aka the  “the Know Why”...right alongside “the Know How".  Too often the countermeasures and tools are attempted without a conceptual understanding or holistic context." In this webinar, Bruce shares the know how and why, for the  integration of the tools and culture  required for a successful Lean Transformation. Bruce's blog, OldLeanDude focuses on management's understanding  (and misunderstanding) of the Toyota Production System. Subscribe on the site to be notified when new posts are added. 

Shingo Model Lean Manufacturing Workshops Scheduled

STERIS Corporation of Mentor OH to host Continuous Improvement, Enterprise Alignment & Build Excellence this Spring. See the whole schedule here...

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Lean Enterprise Excellence and Alignment with Shingo Model

Because, to succeed on your journey to enterprise-wide excellence, organizations must have management systems in place that ALIGN work and behavior...

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Choose your Shingo Affiliate Wisely

White Paper: Recognizing the need to create a Lean Culture that encourages and promotes the technical side of Lean, many organizations are adopting...

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