Turning Downtime into Learning Time

For over 25 years, the GBMP’s mission has been to help
organizations large and small develop their most valuable resource: their
employees.  Our abiding belief, connoted
in our slogan, EVERYBODY EVERYDAY, is that given the right training and
inspiration, every employee – from the front lines to the corner office can be
a Lean thinker and problem solver.  My
personal learning first as an operating manager has been, that continuous
improvement requires an army of problem-solvers, a culture that embraces tough
challenges collaboratively and confidently. 

Presently, we are all faced with a challenge that absolutely
requires that confidence and collaboration. 
While we may not be able to march forward arm in arm at this point,
thanks to the facility available from the Internet we still can learn together
– face-to-face – in the Gemba, if only remotely.  And there is no better time or burning
platform than at this moment to engage and inspire all of our employees to
become an army of innovators and problem solvers in face of COVID19. 

Whether your workforce is presently at home or in the workplace, local or dispersed, GBMP consultants can help with interactive Lean and Six Sigma training, consulting and coaching targeted exactly to your needs and timeframe.  While we may not be able join you at this time at your site, we are all still as close as your nearest computer or smart device. 

We’re all facing a tough and unprecedented situation right now.  But the best of human spirit dictates that we nevertheless find ways to do our jobs and improve our jobs.  Whether are an existing GBMP partner or are just beginning with continuous improvement, I encourage to take a few moments to peruse the interactive opportunities available to you from GBMP.  Let us help you turn downtime into learning time.

- O.L.D.

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