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More Than Toast

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is the 20th anniversary for the Toast Kaizen video. After two decades, nearly one hundred and fifty thousand copies..
This entry was posted in lean, old lean dude, lean manufacturing, kanban, six sigma, lean thinking, Toast Kaizen, Shingo Institute, kaizen, shingo prize, lean healthcare, lean accounting, toyota production system on September 26 , 2018.

Knowledge Work

An engineering manager whom I worked with twenty-five years ago challenged me one day, “You know, Bruce, if all employees were engineers, you..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, GBMP, production, knowledge work, kaizen, ideas, lean accounting, engineer, MIT, off shoring, peter drucker on February 03 , 2014.

Good Witch or Bad Witch?

A recent comment from a business friend, call him Tom, who manages a small factory, reminded me of a scene from The Wizard of Oz. “Our president is..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, lean manufacturing, Toast Kaizen, SMED, bruce hamilton, lean accounting, gemba, toyota production system on June 05 , 2013.

Insignificant Digits

Significant digits, the number of digits to the right of a decimal point that are warranted by the accuracy of the means of measurement, are a..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, TPS, lean manufacturing, GBMP, Toast Kaizen, cost accounting, muda, kaizen, hoshin kanri, TPM, 5S, true north, lean accounting, poka-yoke, automation, optimization, toyota production system, inventory, Brian Maskell, made in america, Muri, shigeo shingo, value stream mapping, mura on July 12 , 2011.

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