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Lean Enterprise Excellence and Alignment with Shingo Model

Because, to succeed on your journey to enterprise-wide excellence, organizations must have management systems in place that ALIGN work and behavior based on core principles. The workshop delves into this relationship in ways that are simple, comprehensive, actionable and standardized by defining ideal behaviors and the systems which drive them. 

Join GBMP & VIBCO for the Shingo Institute workshop Enterprise Alignment this July to discover how to create ideal results in your organization by building a sustainable culture of excellence based on the core principles of The Shingo Model. Learn to see & evaluate, in a real-life setting, how culture aligned with guiding principles elicits Ideal Behaviors & Results.  

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Who cares for the caregivers?

A blog post by Bruce Hamilton; Subscribe at Last month I joined Eric Buhrens, CEO at Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) to host...

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Free Seminar Shingo Model for Lean Transformation

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Shingo Model Lean Manufacturing Workshops Scheduled

STERIS Corporation of Mentor OH to host Continuous Improvement, Enterprise Alignment & Build Excellence this Spring. See the whole schedule here...

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