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Excelize Me: 4 Myths & 4 Realities of Racing to Automate

On the eve of our celebration of the American Revolution, here’s a post about another revolution: Industry 4.0.
This entry was posted in old lean dude, lean manufacturing, kanban, six sigma, kaizen, 7 wastes, Industry 4.0, automation, toyota production system, information automation, Lean IT on July 03 , 2018.

Artificial Ignorance

For a few years back in the early ‘80’s I fell prey to information automation fascination. I managed an IT department transitioning first from a..
This entry was posted in old lean dude, artificial ignorance, kanban. Bruce Hamiton, inventory control system, Eli Goldratt, Joe Weizenbaum, MRP, information automation, ERP, basic accounting system, shigeo shingo on January 29 , 2015.

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